Does Papyrus have that timeline destroying power too? Does he have any powers different from his brother?

His powers..are different.. he doesn't h-have the same exact ones I do..he can s-summon a scythe like I can but unlike me..he has blasters..and bone attacks.. but cant use the chains just yet..
..and Gaster d-didnt..give him that t-timeline destroying ability.. see..I was basically the t-test dummy for all that..
*Reaper holds out his Soul for a moment so you can see theres a pretty huge crack going straight down the middle with a few hairline cracks following it* power..backfires.. and can k-kíll me.. they it to Paps.. he can't use the hourglass or wings either.. since they found those p-powers useless..don't really need to fly if you can float.. and why would any of t-the Gods need to erase anyones memory?

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