First of all, most Gasters actually AREN'T evil, you people just love scapegoats so much that you depict us that way. Second of all, I am traveling the multiverse to find aid for his majesty's war effort.

Underwar Gaster
..Excuse me..? *Reaper was p-ssed now* M-my Gaster is pure evil and so is Genos.. his t-tried dragging him t-to the void and mine... ..*The Death God actually shivers thinking about what his Gaster has done to him* ...point is..m-most of you ARE can say whatever you want..say we all love s-scapegoats.. but I've been to other AUs and I've seen the damage your alternates have done.. ..the only Gaster I've seen n-not be a jacka$$ so far is Underswaps.. most are just like m-mine and Genos..sometimes even w-worse ...
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