She what? *telling Geno a Chara k!lled a Papyrus, what could go wrong* Reaper, I don't care how you feel about this, if she's willing to take out your brother its safer for both of us to stick together through this. Paps didn't deserve this...

*A lot of things lol I don't think he really thought about that*
..*Reaper sighed, normally he would chase after Chara seeking vengeance and to heII with what anyone else says but he knows Genos right, if he does that again and tries facing her alone, he's going to lose just like before*..
..Damn it.. sometimes I hate when your right.. fine.. you can come with me but..just be careful, okay Love?
+8 answers in: “*Geno showed up with a blaster beast and Cross ran off screaming*”

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