Aw what's the matter? Confused? I'm confused how you managed to survive, I thought I killed you for good but since your here.. *he summons a blaster beast* we can have LOTS of fun! *the blaster beast roars and bites Death with its jaws and starts mauling him*

Your definitely not my Geno! *Reaper holds out his scythe and slashes the blaster beasts jaw so it would let him free or at least he's hoping it let's him free* Nightmare tricked me! I'm gonna make him fear Death after I give you a early grave! *That's a empty threat however..given Reaper spares every Geno on his reaping list, he more than likely won't be able to actually dust this one*
+9 answers in: “*The Geno Reaper runs into is Swapfell Geno, he killed and törtured his Reaper for the heII of it and wears his robe as a souvenir so have fun dude lmao* What the fųck!? Aren't you supposed to be dead!?”