*surprisingly given how he's been acting all day, Geno reaches out and holds one of Reaper's hands* please don't dust any more members of this family, I can't keep losing people

*Reaper blinks, he wasn't expecting Geno to grab one of his hands like that* Love..you won't lose me, okay? I promise
*Did Geno catch that? Reaper basically said only he counts as Genos family*

*Geno did catch that and frowns* You're not my only family...

I'm not? Who else is there then? Last I checked, families don't go crying to someone whose injured or sick and begs them for help ..even when I was injured I still tried figuring things out on my own first..I couldn't do it all on my own like I wanted to though.. and you ended up helping me..but I tried to leave you out of it..unlike everyone else..

They're kids, kids ask their parents for help. Hell even I asked my old man for help back before the incident with the CORE

..*Reaper just looked away from Geno*...Your old man isn't injured like you are.. nobody should be going to you to solve their problems.. and ..I'm sorry for when I got injured..I relied on you.. I tried not to.. ..

I helped you because I love you, that's what family does they help each other, they care about one another. I thought we'd made progress with your empathy towards the kids dammit

..*Reaper then without saying a word, suddenly takes off the spell he placed on Geno so he can now use his magic freely again but why did he do that?*

*Geno's admittedly confused by this*

*Reaper then turned his back towards Geno* You wanted to use your magic again..right? I thought I was protecting you by keeping you from using it but.. I see now I wasn't..

What's going on with you, it's not like you to acknowledge mistakes

It's..not that I don't acknowledge them..Its just that..I don't understand when I do make a mistake.. ..

*Geno sighs* You're still having trouble with that? *Geno teleports right behind Reaper and gently hugs him* We'll work on this together, I know you have some trouble with emotions still

*Reaper had tensed when Geno hugged him, something was really bothering him but he wont tell what*..Can ..we not focus on me right now..? Aren't you still hurt from before?

I'm always hurt

*While Geno was still hugging him from behind, Reaper picked him up on his back, giving Geno a piggyback ride and carrying him back towards the bed*

Hey what are you doing? *Geno knows their kids are safe, but he's not telling Reaper that*

Taking you back to bed Love, you need rest, besides, I still need to erase your memory of those kiddos, last thing you need is to be upset over them..

Before you erase my memory can you make me a promise?

What is it Love? *Reaper looked back at him*

If the other three did survive and we get them back, you won't try getting rid of them again?

..I can't make that promise Love..sorry.. *Reaper sighed as he sets Geno down on the bed*

*Geno looks down sighing as well* ... just erase my memory then, get it over with

Sorry about this Love *Reaper then takes out his hourglass and erases Genos memory*

*A ghostly figure then appears right as Reaper was going to erase Genos memory and takes away his hourglass* ..I thought I heard my name being called... *the ghostly child turns to face @DontcallmeSans * You can thank me later..

What the f-ck..!? *Reaper did not expect that, how the heII is Silver even here? Well it didn't matter because Reaper is definitely kílling him all over again, he takes out his scythe and immediately reaps the kiddo*

Here we go again..kílling me once isn't enough for you is it? *Silver braces himself to be reaped again*

Your supposed to be in the Underworld! We don't need you or that other damned brat! *REAPER*

*Geno teleports between the two meaning Reaper's attempt to reap @VoidOfEmptiness causes him to slash Geno instead*

*Reaper was shocked and immediately drops his scythe* LOVE..!? I-I'm so sorry!! Why did you do that!?

I'm not letting you reap him again *Geno is bleeding badly* bad enough you did it once and erased all my memories, I'm not letting you hurt ANY of our kids if there's anything I can do about it

*Reaper was now panicking and soon pulls a life flower from his robe and uses it on Geno* But, Love!! You can't handle having this many kids! Your running yourself into the ground with just 3! There's a reason why I reaped him!

*Geno just kind of falls against Reaper breathing heavily* to hell with your reasons, he's still our son. I'll still protect him from you. *though it's clear Reaper's attack did some damage*

L-Love..! *Reaper immediately scoops Geno up in his arms and rushes him back to bed* We can talk about this later, right now I'm going to get Life to heal you!

*despite being hurt badly Geno still manages to give Reaper a glare* Don't you DARE touch Silver....

Love, I would be more concerned about yourself right now than him!