Dammit, how badly hurt are you?

I-I'll be alright Love..I'm not too hurt..*Reaper then leans against Geno* but..I might need some help g-getting up..that kid hit me with my scythe..

*Geno helps Reaper up, fortunately when Socket glitched out of existence he dropped Reaper's scythe*

*Once helped up, Reaper appeared to be struggling to float and ends up leaning against Geno so he doesn't fall*..Damn it.. sorry Love..

You're staying home for awhile *Geno snaps his fingers and one of his regular blasters pics up Reaper's scythe* No getting in fights no going out on reaping jobs, not until I know you're alright

L-Love...*Reaper sighed but he had a smile on his face, he honestly found it adorable that Geno was that worried about him* ..Alright.. I'll stay home..but only if you stay with me.. I don't w-want anything happening to you either.. and..you could probably use a break after fighting like that..

*Geno sighs* yeah I could... a fight of that intensity is really draining on my fragment of a soul. *Geno snaps his fingers teleporting them back to Life's place, but he messed up slightly so they appear a few feet off the floor, luckily above their bed so they just fall onto that*

*Reaper despite the fact he was tired and injured, he refused to sleep and had stayed up all night to watch Geno since he was worried about him*