Only when I know you won't dust on me *Geno presses the call button knowing doctors will likely freak out at the fact he got out of his bandages and casts and is fairly blood soaked, but now that Reaper's awake he needs treatment*

*Well the doctors do freak out even more than last time, they immediately take Geno as soon as they get there and not only wrap him up like a mummy again but stick him in a full body cast that he doesn't need and stick a metal thing on his head for people that hurt their neck they went way overboard, at least he has the magic IV he needed and he's in the same room as Reaper now though they made the Death God needlessly freak out seeing that*

.... I'm not even gonna bother getting mad, at least we're in the same room now.

*Geno might be mad later when he finds Reaper had passed out from panic*
Dr: Do you think we put enough bandages on him nurse?
Nr: Maybe we should put a few more on him..hold still! *they put even more bandages on top of the casts they put Geno in*

If you lose him I will raze this entire place to the ground *Geno's voice is a low growl, even as bandaged as he is his eye catches ablaze in red and blue, he means his threat*

*Though given how the doctors put him in a bunch of casts and bandages, they aren't afraid of Geno right now*
Dr: You dont have to get upset I think he should be okay for now, he's starting to wake back up
*Though once Reaper does wake back up, he doesn't look anywhere near okay like the doctor said, he could barely even keep his eyes open*... ..G..G...Ge-Gen..Geno..? ..
Dr: See he's awake now *they turn their attention to Reaper* Geno is the dead skeleton next to you isn't he?
R: ...D-d.. de...d-dead..!?

Don’t say that you’ll cause him to have another panic attack!!

..L..Lov.e... *Reaper does end up losing conciousness again from hearing the doctor say Geno was dead, the monitor hooked to his Soul nearly flatlines*..
Dr: I didn't mean to do that but you are technically dead.. I'll stop now..

*Geno teleports out of the casts, yes he could have done that before he just didn't feel like it, he grabs the doctor by the coat* I'm in Limbo and you better f-cking stabilize him!

*That shocked the doctor*
Dr: Shouldn't you put those casts back on..!? How did you even get out of them? I'll try to stabilize him after I get you back into bed.. limbo or not those injuries are bad!

Stabilize him now dammit *Geno actually summons a sharpened bone and puts it at the Doctor's neck, I think he's losing it a bit*

*Oh sh-t**The doctor was really shocked, he didn't expect Geno to threaten him with a bone*
Dr: Holy sh-t..! Okay, just put the bone away!

*the bone despawns and Geno leans against a wall just glaring at the doctors*

*Is it weird I think it's adorable they love eachother so much that they would both burn down a hospital if the other dusted XD*
*The doctors noticed Geno glaring at them and begin trying to save Reaper, they knew if they don't get him at least stable Genos probably doing to dust them, the smol Tsundere wasn't about to lose his Yandere**It took them a while but luckily they did manage to get Reaper stable, scaring the sh-t out of the doctors seemed to work*