*the anons may have been right, Geno is definitely not himself right now, he hasn't moved from leaning against the wall, his lone socket dark, yet at the same time he's clearly awake*

L-Love..? *Reaper despite everything, forces himself to roll out of bed though he ends up falling flat on the ground, that didn't go as well as he thought it would but he had to get up and check on Geno somehow at least he thought so* ..ow.. f-ck..!

*his eye light flickers back into existence as he turns to look at Reaper* What on Earth are you doing? Do you have any idea how hard the doctors worked to stabilize you? I may have had to threaten a few lives so they'd actually focus on you and not my damn k!ll wound

..*Reaper grips onto the side of the bed, trying to pull himself up off the ground but he just cant manage to do it, he ends up flopping back down on the ground*
...d-damn..it.. I w-was...trying to s-see.. if..you w-were okay.. but I still..c-cant..move yet.. ...w-wait..you threatened t-them t-to.. help me..? ..*he blushed bright blue thinking of Geno actually threatening people over him, it was cute, well to Reaper that was adorable*

Yeah, I did, so don't go and get yourself hurt worse. *Geno uses psychokinesis to get Reaper back in bed*

*Reaper winced a bit once he was set back down in bed, he really shouldn't be up yet* ..urgh.. t-thanks..Love.. but..should you be u-using magic..?

They had me on an IV for awhile, I'm fine... mostly, just have a bit of a skullache

*Reaper pats a spot next to him on the bed* m-maybe..you should..l-lay down a while..

*kinda surprisingly Geno says nothing about possibly disturbing the hospital equipment like he usually would and instead just carefully lays down where Reaper patted the bed* Sounds like a good idea to be honest

*Reaper was surprised, but maybe he just isn't as worried about the Death God now? Or well, that's how Reaper took it*
*He pulls Geno close to him, not caring at all about the equipment*
...We..n-need..to talk..about something..later..after you g-get some sleep..and don't w-worry..I'll protect you f-from the thunderstorms~ *he winks*

W-What?! Dammit. No mentioning that to the kids ever, ok?

*Reaper couldn't help but laugh a bit, he found it really adorable* Okay, I wont but..it's r-really cute..you don't fear D-Death..but you fear thunderstorms~

It’s not cute or adorable or anything.. wait did you start stuttering again?

It i-is cute~ you d-dont..fear anything e-else but..your scared o-of that ..
*Reaper then closed his eyes for a moment* I-I'm fine..don't worry..so I'm s-stuttering a bit..it's fine..just get some s-sleep...

Then get some sleep, ok? *Geno seems worried*

L-Love.. you need sleep.. n-not..me.. *Reaper opens his lone eye to look at Geno* I'll be f-fine..I'm s-starting..to r-recover..

*Geno has been asleep*

*Reaper had stayed up all night, despite the fact he needed rest, he wanted to make sure nothing else happened while he slept*