Only took four months

Remind me never to rely on Ink to fix our house anymore..*Reaper sighed as he stood up* I was the one who built our house in the first place.. if it gets broken again I'll just fix it myself.. it's not the easiest thing I've done'll get done quicker than having to wait on Ink..
*I don't think Geno knew you built your own house*

You built it originally? *Geno just gives Reaper a questioning look*

Yeah.. when Gaster left the house you saw to do whatever the heII he's doing now, there was no way in heII I was staying there so I took my bro and built us our own place to stay.. none of the other Gods wanted to help me so I did it all myself.. and when my bro wanted to move out, I helped build his..

I had no idea...

Well..I didn't think it was important so.. I never told anyone about it..until now *Reaper rubbed the back of his skull* so next time our house gets broken I'm just gonna fix it myself

You know one day we need to just talk about your past, nothing big but little trivia like this, I mean I'm really Impressed you built a house on your own

*Reaper looked away for a moment* ..most of it isn't great though..
...*though he blushed bright blue hearing Geno was impressed*

Yes, it's very impressive and do any of us have great pasts? I mean I spent most of mine planning to destroy the multiverse...

I..t-thanks Love *Reaper blushed even more blue, aw well until he was tackled to the ground by Emil lol*
..And point taken..

*Geno glares at Emil, he doesn't recognize him either*

*Reaper winces slightly since he still had the IV in his Soul when he was tackled, the stand got knocked down with him and could have hurt him by accident* ..mngh.. ..

Are you ok? Dammit this kid puled out your IV, you could have gotten hurt badly since you really still need it

*Reaper was now breathing hard after Emil got off him, his Soul was hurting from the IV being pulled out like that* ..I-I'll okay Love..

Maybe we should go home for now...

*Reaper gripped his Soul as he looked up at Geno* ..T-that.. might.. be a.. g-good... idea.. ..but.. I don't think.. I can get..up now..

*Geno fights through a panic and picks Reaper up telepoting them both home, he then gets a new IV for Reaper, just don't ask from where*

*Reaper was surprised Geno picked him up though he didn't mean to make Geno panic so much he nearly has a panic attack*
*But once he has a IV back in his Soul, his breathing starts returning to normal and he stops gripping at his Soul* ..T-thanks..Love.. but are you okay..?

Give me 20 minutes to calm down then I will be

..*Reaper gave him a worried look* Love.. *he then nuzzles Geno since I think Genos still holding him* it's okay..

Given everything that's happened lately forgive me for being worried

You shouldn't worry yourself that much though Love.. I'll be alright, I should be back to normal just in time for your birthday, I have a lot planned for you tomorrow *he winks*

*Geno blinks* with everything that's happened I actually forgot about my own birthday... well guess I know how Ink feels

*Reaper clinks Genos skull* well I'll never forget so I'll always remind you, Goths birthday isn't far after yours either..I'll make sure nothing happens on your birthday, if anyone even tries to ruin it, I'm reaping them..