*Geno's at his side in an instant helping him back up* it's ok Love, everything will be ok now, your brother is safe. I'm safe, you'll be ok *he's as much trying to reassure himself as Reaper

*Reaper ends up laying against Geno, he couldn't stand or even float on his own* .. Y..y..y-your.. okay.. a..and.. hes.. okay.. .. g-good.. ..*He began gasping as he tried to catch his breath after speaking*

Yeah we're both ok. Reaper what should I do to help you for this, I can't take you to Life or Dream and I don't want to visit another hospital and deal with them freaking out over my injuries

I..I.. ..I'll ..be o-okay.. ..j-just.. ..n..need..to.. ..l-lay.. down.. a..w-while.. *he winces as he suddenly grips at his Soul* ... ..A-and.. ..m-maybe.. with... .. a ... I-IV.. ..

I hope you're telling me the full truth here, fortunately we have a lot of medical supplies at home. *Hell Reaper has a mini-fridge by their bed that contains things like IVs, they're meant for Geno but right now he could use it more*

*Reaper loves Geno more than anything, he even has a secret Geno shrine in their closet XD filled with plushies, pictures, random things Geno likes, it's almost creepy how obsessed he is with Geno*
....*Reaper nodded, though he hated the fact he needed Genos help right now, it's usually reversed* G-Geno.. ..

Just, relax for now, let's get you home, ok?

*Reaper nodded before closing his eyes* .. t-th..thanks.... Love.. ... ..w..we.. m-might.. n..need.. to.. h-hurry.. ..*he grips his Soul a bit tighter* ..
*I think everyone's going to be p-ssed at Cross for a while now*

*Geno gets him home and on an IV as quickly as possible, he shares some of his own magic to stabilize Reaper then for the Death God's peace of mind sets up an IV for himself as well*

*Reaper would have panicked if Geno didn't give himself one, he doesn't want anything happening to his Tsundere though right now he wouldn't of noticed Geno shared magic, he was knocked out by the time they got home*