ugh I'm awake now *so he says, but Geno still looks tired*

*And I fell asleep .. I think your rubbing off on me xD*
*Reaper had been busy sharing his magic the entire day with Geno, he hadn't stopped even though he clearly wasn't in any condition to be doing so, he was more worried about his Tsundere* Your..a-awake.. good.. you.. h-had me..worried..

ok you're getting some sleep now. *Geno realizes he has an IV in his soul* what the- when'd this happen? Love did you remove your IV and hook me up to it instead?

*And ask decides to delete the last question XD well at least you saw it before it vanished lol*
..*Reaper shakes his skull* ..It..d-doesnt.. m-matter.. ..I'm fine.. *he nearly falls over on the bed but jolts himself back up, he's doing his best to fight against falling asleep* don't..t-take.. out.. you

If you get some sleep I won't remove the IV

..L-Love.. don't.. *Reaper summons his blue magic imbued chains that wrap around Genos arms so he can't disturb his IV though..the chains weren't as strong as usual, they were crumbling and falling apart, it would be pretty easy to break free*..I'm f-fine.. okay..? B-being.. tired... won't.. k-kíll me ..

The weakness behind your magic isn't reassuring me

..W-what..? *Reaper didn't notice his magic was weaker* I'm ...I'm n-not..sleeping.. ..I rested.. e-enough..just.. need.. to..wake..up ..a bit.. and.. I'll be..fine..

*Geno easily breaks the chains and pushes Reaper down on the bed* sleep

*Reaper struggled to keep his eyes open even more when he was pushed down on the bed* ..L-Love.. I..I just.. need.. coffee.. and I'll b-be fine.. ..

So Gaster and Asgore basically made your brother as a better version of you

..Pretty much..o-only..he refuses to reap people..unless t-theyre wanting to go..or if it's something s-small like a animal and he makes it as p-painless as possible..that's the o-only reason why they k-kept me around..I can do what n-nobody else wants to do.. and I don't c-care about what pain I cause.. or t-thats what they think..there was one timeline I just..couldn't do.. I let them go..
*Reaper pulls down his hood*

you mean Geno?

*Reaper shakes his skull* this.. was before.. I m-met Geno.. I can't do a-any ..of the t-timelines.. that have Geno in t-them now.. but.. there was one before him..I just couldn't do..


Don't tell anyone I broke the rules for that one..

How did you break the rules?

Instead of r-reaping I was supposed to..

I won't... but $20 says someone else does

...Maybe I should of kept it secret..

I would have done the same

..but I'm not s-supposed to do things like t-that.. Love.. I was sent there to r-reap them.. not.. ugh..*Reaper starts coughing afterwards*

If your brother was able to reap like you are, would Gaster have gotten rid of you?

..P-probably... ..I-I..think.. that's..all I..c-can.. answer... right now.. *Reaper then lays his skull against @DontcallmeSans *

*Geno looks at Reaper worriedly, both from the anon question and his answer as well as his physical condition*

*Reaper closes his eyes as he laid against Geno*.. I..I'll..b-be alright..

I'm worried about you love, you've been coughing and stuttering since the incident with Cross. How much damage did you do to yourself in those brief moments where you unleashed your full power

..*Reaper slightly gripped at his Soul* ..I-I... I'm okay..Love.. r-really... it..isn't as b-bad.. .. ...I..I forgot..what I was saying... what..did you ask m-me..?
*This probably isn't helping Genos poor nerves*

*Geno feels his "heart" stop for a moment, chilled, he reminds Reaper of what he was saying*

..*Reaper then opens his eye so he can look up at Geno to reassure him he was okay though his eyelight was now gone* ..S-sorry..about.. that.. I think..m-maybe Inks..rubbing off..on me.. *he gave Geno a smile* I'll be..okay.. Love.. don't worry..

Reaper.... your eye light is gone*

..It is..? I'm m-more..tired.. than I..t-thought.. *he chuckled a bit but laughing at all right now just causes him pain and a coughing fit, he holds onto Genos hand as he coughed*

*Geno hesitates for a moment before pulling aside Reaper's robe to see if his Soul really is damaged*

*Reaper was too busy coughing to notice Geno pulled aside his robe but the anon was right..his Soul was damaged.. there was a huge cracking going right down the middle of his Soul with hairline cracks spread around it*

*He recoils* Reaper, your soul!

..W-wh...what ..*Reaper sounds pretty confused, did he not notice his Soul was damaged?* relax..Love.. I'm okay..

There's a huge crack through it with hairline fractures spreading through it entirely, it looks like it could shatter any second!

*Reaper was now shocked and looked at Geno with worry*
...F-ck.. ... ... ...Love..? ...I-I don' y-your going to take..this.. b-but.. Gods can't..come back if their Souls..break.. ..I-I mean.. it takes a lot to d-damage our isn't s-sonething you can h-hurt easily.. but..that fight with Cross.. must of...
..*he pauses* ...w-would.. you be okay.. on your own..?