Nyeh heh heh! I am doing great, brother! But I can see that the same can't be said for you...

..I'll be a-alright bro.. this won't be the death of me..*he winks* glad to s-see your job isn't kílling you..

Sans, you need to rest and regain your strength right now! Look at yourself! You've nearly dusted several times by now, Geno has to save you more times than most, and if Chara hears about your condition you won't be able to lift a finger in order to stop her from committing some dastardly atrocity!

..*Reaper sighed, he knew his brother was right but honestly, how can he rest knowing as soon as he does some anon could easily attack them? Or Cross? Or even Chara? He has to somehow keep his strength up without resting which is proving to fail horribly..Genos been having to save him lately which it was originally reversed*..
I..I k-know..but.. if I rest.. it risks..someone attacking y-you or Geno.. or the kiddos... while I'm asleep.. .. I'm going to p-protect you.. all of you.. somehow... at least..while my Hatred is gone..I'm going to.. I'll f-figure..out something..

Sans, I swear, you are the most stubborn skeleton in the entire multiverse...

The apple doesn't f-fall far from the tree..*he winks* that makes you t-the second most stubborn