Who's there? Oh, hello Death. I don't think we've been introduced.

Underwar Gaster
..W-what..? *Reaper doesn't exactly look the best right now, he was currently hooked to a IV, laying in bed with a darkened blue blush going across his skull* ..you p-picked.. a bad time..to come k-knocking on Deaths door..you a v-version of Gaster?

Gaster the wise, Royal Wizard for his majesty the king.

A w-wizard..? Great...*Reaper sighed* you h-here to cast a spell on m-me..?

Do spells even work on Death? *He's looking for Reaper Gaster for obvious reasons*

A d-dying spell wont..*Reaper chuckled a bit before summoning his scythe, aiming it directly at Underwar Gaster..he doesn't know exactly what he's up to or why he's there but since most Gasters are evil, he can tell whatever it is Underwar Gaster is there for can't be good*
...M-mind explaining..why your here?

First of all, most Gasters actually AREN'T evil, you people just love scapegoats so much that you depict us that way. Second of all, I am traveling the multiverse to find aid for his majesty's war effort.

..Excuse me..? *Reaper was p-ssed now* M-my Gaster is pure evil and so is Genos.. his t-tried dragging him t-to the void and mine... ..*The Death God actually shivers thinking about what his Gaster has done to him* ...point is..m-most of you ARE evil..you can say whatever you want..say we all love s-scapegoats.. but I've been to other AUs and I've seen the damage your alternates have done.. ..the only Gaster I've seen n-not be a jacka$$ so far is Underswaps.. most are just like m-mine and Genos..sometimes even w-worse ...

What about Haventale

I've n-never been to that AU..it's shocking but.. I never had a-any reaping jobs there..at least n-not yet.. I bet their Gaster i-isnt any different...

And what about you hmn? One could argue that the god of death is far worse.

Worse than you? *Reaper laughs* y-your just as bad if not worse.. go look at the H-handplates AU and tell me that version of you is better than me..

Haventale only knows pacifist runs thanks to Dream's influence. Their gaster hangs out in a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts, he is more like Swap Gaster and is actually a good person

..What..? *Reaper.exe has crashed, it is very hard for him to believe theres a Gaster like that*