*when Reaper wakes up there's a piece of pie on the bedside table nearest to him*

*Aw..theyre so cute**Reaper noticed the pie and couldnt help but smile, he knew Geno had to of left it there for him, honestly if it weren't for Geno, Reaper wouldn't have survived the recent battles*
..Love.. *he then looks to see if Geno was anywhere with him*

*Geno was asleep on his side of the bed, despite having the blanket pulled up over him he keeps shivering, he never really got a chance to recover his magic, Life helped but he needs actual rest, he's running on fumes*

*Reaper noticed and despite the fact he's in the same situation, he takes out his IV and hooks it to Geno instead, hes worried about his Tsundere* Damn it.. we can't keep going on like this..