What can i say im a risk taker.Are sure you look like you got hit by a train i can heal you.

*Reaper frowned, he really did need healed but he's more worried about @DontcallmeSans * ..Can you help him f-first..? I don't know if he's h-hurt..

Uhh sure he wont hurt me right?

..Geno? Nah..but I might..*Reaper gives a sadistic smile* so don't t-try anything..
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I have a question do you like being the grim reaper?*she heals geno the most she can being he's stuck in a injured shape*

..*Reaper was shocked that she asked him that*.. W-why do you ask? I'm surprised your not running away screaming by now.. most fear me..

*Geno wakes up, he's still low on magic but Jinx did help him a lot*

*Reaper is hoping Geno recovers, he has the magic IV hooked to him to help him but until then*
..Hey Love.. you sure y-you should be up right now..?

Just curious i know i wouldnt enjoy a job where i reap everyone.Maybe you do i'm not you after aIl. guess i'm not afraid huh strange.

..If I'm honest..I hated b-being the Grim Reaper in the very beginning..*Reaper looked away as he spoke* I found it "repulsive" ..horrible...I r-really hated it.. but no matter what I did.. I was stuck with it.. now I'm u-used to it.. and ..I wouldn't know w-what to do if I wasn't the God of Death anymore..
..You should b-be afraid of me though.. I can still kíll you..

well I've gotten tired of sleeping

Tired of sleeping? That's a f-first..*Reaper chuckled a bit* but.. if your awake now.. you can have the pie sitting here.. I think you n-need it more than I do

How about we split it, I brought it in for you after all

*Reaper then nuzzled Geno* Alright..we can split it if you want to..

So could anyone.You're just another spooky skull in this universe.Hold still i'm going to heal you next.*her horn glows as she starts healing the grim reaper*

*Reaper winces a bit when she starts healing him* ..I don't think helping Death is really a good idea..but..thanks kiddo..

*Geno cuts the slice in half and pushes one half over towards Reaper*

*Reaper looked a bit nervous as he blushed bright blue*.. Thanks Love but..I might need some help..

*Geno chuckles and legit feeds Reaper the pie*

*Aw**Reaper eats the pie but also clinks Geno on the teeth right after* I love you~

*Geno laughs at that since Reaper managed to take him by surprise* Love you too

*Reaper couldn't help but laugh with him since well, he finds Geno adorable* You know, it's good to see you smiling, you should do that more often

well if I was always smiling it wouldn't make it as special as it is when I do smile

To me it's always special since your special to me Love..and it's good to see you happy *Reaper gave a smile*

Youre not my reaper so i'm not to worried.Mine's a skeletal Pegasus.*she heals him almost completely*

*Reaper was a bit surprised to know that* You should be worried.. I'm still a version of your Death and I can still reap you...

actually ARE you able to reap people from outside our multiverse? That might explain @onryotatarigami 's immunity...

..I don't really know..*Reaper frowned* ...I know my Death touch affected a few people outside our multiverse.. but it didn't work on her or that Uni girl..

Question is WILL you.

...Right now? No.. I won't.. but if you show up on my reaping list I might..

HI CREEPY SCARY SKELETON ZOMBIE!! I heard my name being called!

..This day was starting off good until you showed up.. for the last time.. I'm not a zombie, I'm the Grim Reaper.. *Reaper then summons his scythe* and if you do anything I swear I'll slice you in half...I can't reap you but I can still kíll you!

YOUR REALLY THE GRIM REAPER!? DON'T HURT ME!!! *Uni starts smacking you with her umbrella* Go away!!

*Reaper blocks the umbrella with his scythe and summons blue magic imbued chains that wrap around Uni and drag her down to the ground* I warned you not to try anything with me...now how do you want cut off first? Your head or your arms?


You know what's sad..for a robot you don't seem to have any brains worth eating..even if I was a zombie I wouldn't want you..
Ngh..*Reaper winces a bit, it was a bit too early for him to be using his magic right now*

Your the Grim Reaper!! That's worse than a zombie!! You'll kíll everyone on the planet!!

..I only g-go after people on my list..the ones who are supposed to díe..usually..until my.."illness" acts up or..someone like you comes in.. ugh..*Reaper suddenly falls on his side and starts coughing which makes the chains holding Uni down disappear*

... I'm going to destroy this thing

*Reaper shakes his skull as he struggles to get himself back to sitting up* D-dont.. you need to save your magic..

Understandable..You know it's nice i never got along with other ponies yet here I am socializing with d3ath himself .That's impressive.*she smiles* here i can pretend i belong even if im no monster.

I don't think It's a good thing to be talking with Death but.. as far as I'm concerned your one of us kiddo

For the grim reaper youre not such a bad guy.Thanks ive been spending so much of my time in these aus I almost forget i dont belong in this multiverse.

I wouldn't say that, there's nothing good about Death kiddo..but I don't think anyones noticed you aren't from this universe, you kinda fit right in