He's you levels in love with the living embodiment of Hatred. That's right. The same stuff that infected you and Killer. And just like Nightmare, Hate is soulless and immortal

Wait..he's the source of all the Hatred that infects everyone..!? I wonder if he can take away the Hatred I have.. maybe I won't need to battle that kiddo ..
..But the fact Nightmare has a thing for him and that hes Soulless ... I don't think he would willingly get rid of my Hatred..

though Hate supposedly has a thing for Lucid... one of Dream's kids....

What..!? For real!? *Have fun with that Dream lol*

I'd be more worried about how Corss will react honestly *Dream already rescued Lucid from Nightmare, the kid is about 3 so he won't have his own account*

I didn't think about that, he'll probably wreck havoc on the whole multiverse again..
*You should be telling Cross that when he gets online*

If you want him to rid you of your Hatred, I can get him to do it. *By pestering him about it until he gives in-* But what do you offer me in return, hmn? *If she were here, Reaper would throw Reaper Chara at him LMAO*

*Why do I feel like this will backfire? XD and he so would throw Reaper Chara at him if he could..without her brutally maiming him*
..First..how do I know you'll do it and won't just double cross me afterwards?

Because I'm not from X-Tale, so I couldn't double-cross you even if I tried. *Ba dum tss*

*That managed to get a chuckle out of Reaper but he knows trusting Nightmare is probably a bad idea*
Nice joke but I think I'll pass.. I'll figure out a way to get rid of it myself...

Well then it's unfortunate that your Chara recently made a partnership with me to ensure her safety, isn't it?

..W-what..!? You have to be kidding me..

Happy nightmares!~ *Melts away*

*Reaper.exe has crashed*

*Once free from the chains Uni begins smacking you again* You BAKA!!! Don't tie me up like that ever again!!

*Reaper blocks her using his wings and just yeets Uni out the door, throwing her out with his chains*