Are you feeling any better? *Dream's eyes are closed as he focuses on healing*

..A lot better.. it's not kílling me anymore..*Reaper then opens his eye slightly when he noticed that was Dreams voice* ..Dream..your the one healing me?

Ink yanked me out of my house saying there was something I needed to see, then he dragged me here, I can't just let someone stay hurt if there's something I can do about it

..After all the times I tried to reap you both..I'm kinda shocked..*that's mostly due to your Hatred though..which Dream now knows of* ..thanks.. for helping me..but.. I think Geno could use the help more than I do..

He can't die, you can.

...He can still get hurt..*Reaper looked away from Dream*

Everyone can get hurt, you can, I can, Ink can, Geno can, even my brother can, it's part of being alive is being able to be hurt physically or emotionally

..I guess that's one way to look at it..but I find it a bad thing to hurt like that.. both physically and ..having emotions now.. .. I don't know how any of you deal with it..

Well unlike you I've never known what it's like to NOT feel emotions, kind of a given seeing as how I am positive emotion incarnate. But everyone has their own methods, from self destructive to useful coping techniques. It's a matter of finding what helps you stay centered.

...Self destructive? *Reaper looks at Geno when Dream said that lol*
..I wouldn't mind hearing about those coping techniques..
..But if you wanna know what it's like not feeling's like.. you don't care about anything that's going on around you, nothing phases you, someone could call you names, kíll someone in front of you and you wouldnt care.. you could get the heII beat out of you and still not care.. my entire timeline could of burned down and I wouldn't have minded.. I went to horrible timelines like NegativeTale and didn't give a sh-t about what went on there..

Well I can't say for sure what will work for you, but having someone you can confide in *he briefly looks up at Geno* definitely helps, people who are isolated can be driven mad by their own emotions

..Thanks for the tips.. you should probably head back home before Cross comes after all of us.. *knowing him he's probably still going to come after all of you anyway lol*

Fine, I'll head home, take care of yourself... I should probably make sure @hewhocannotfeelcreates leaves to shouldn't I

Probably..with his memory problems he might think he's a Reaper if he stays here *He chuckled a bit*

Come on Ink *Dream grabs his easily distracted friend and waves farewell before a golden portal appears that the two vanish through*

*Reaper waves goodbye to them and takes off after Geno when they leave*