Do you?~

..*Reaper summons red magic imbued chains that wrap around Nova* I'm guessing that's a why your here wanna reap the Grim Reaper just like that brat.. well guess what? Just like that brat, you won't be able to kíll me!

ooh nice hatred magic, did you forget @DontcallmeSans is RIGHT HERE? Hey Geno~ FYI I brought your kids back from this idiot's actions *and selling him out to Geno low blow*

... *Reaper then summons his scythe which had a red tint to it and swings it at Nova, that really was a low blow, he was p-ssed now*

*a spire of stone rises between Reaper's scythe and Nova, meaning the blade bounnces off the stone*

What the f-ck..!? *Reaper then teleports past the stone after he caught his scythe and tries slashing Nova from the side* I don't know how you did that but I can use that stone as your tomb stone!

Sorry what you say short stack? *yes she is trying to trigger him, blood spills from where he nails her with the scythe... the blood spiraling upwards from the ground and wrapping around the Death god's robes*

WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME!?!? *Reaper definitely got triggered by that and immediately takes another swing at Nova with his scythe, he doesn't even realize there's blœd wrapping around his robe, honestly he isn't even bothered by the fact he injured Nova, the sight of blœd doesn't bother him, it might when he notices it on his robe though*

Gotcha *suddenly reaper is yanked to the ground forcefully, the tendrils of blood wrapping around him keeping him pinned to the blood pool on the floor*

What!? *Reaper was taken by surprise and gets dragged down to the ground pinned by Novas weird blœd magic but he isn't planning on staying pinned for long, he spreads his wings to try and break out of it*

Oh we're playing that game? *probably to Reaper's surprise Nova is able to break free with her own wings, meaning both entities are now airborne*

*Reaper was startled by suddenly being freed and launched into the air like that but it didn't take him long to get adjusted, he then flies at Nova with his scythe in his hands and tries to impale her with it* Your both going to wish you were dead when I get through with you!

I already wish I was dead *she dives from the sky focused on someone else entirely, after all how better to hurt Reaper than to take @DontcallmeSans from him*

*Reaper took notice and teleports right in front of Nova so she dives into him instead, Reaper is very protective of Geno so he isnt going to let anything or anyone just take him like that* That's low coming from you..I thought you were better than that..

**I have no choice, she threatened people under my protection if I don't cooperate, she'll ACTUALLY give me her Hatred, and that would be very bad for all of us. I have to pay along, I have no choice** *he hears a desperate voice echo in his mind, she's afraid of what Chara could do to her family*

..*Reaper pauses for a moment, he knows more than anyone how dangerous his Chara can be but to go along with her like this..he couldn't stand the idea*
..'I hope you know that kid is going to have you do more than just dust me..her goal is to destroy all of ReaperTale.. you would have to take all the Gods down not just me.. and who knows what she'll want you to do next if you DO go through with it..'

Oh, don't worry Reapy... She's not the only one who's going to help with the dirty work...~

*Reaper and Nova were speaking in his mind btw that's why I put ' ' ' those there*
..Don't call me that.. and if you think your going to trick me into helping your "dirty" work you better think again.. I know your tricks brat!

Oh no... Help will come from a more... Unexpected direction.~ Bye!~

..*She's going to have Geno kíll him isnt she?*
*Reaper throws red magic imbued chains at her to try and prevent her from leaving*

*Nope XDD she wants Cross to* *Reaper uses MAGIC CHAIN... It's not very effective...*

*Oh great XD like Cross and Reaper don't already try kílling eachother on a daily basis*
I hate that demonic brat so much..

*When she leaves though Nova stops attacking*

*Reaper slumps down against a wall when Nova stopped attacking, he was beyond tired* ..Well at least we fought enough that my Hatred calmed down..for the moment.. sorry I attacked you.. and went on a reaping spree..but for the were attacking first this time..

*Just because CHARA isn't there doesn't mean her little flower spy isn't*

*Reaper will destroy Flowey when he sees him, he hasn't managed to get a hold of that flower yet though*

She was watching me, and don't worry I did revive your family so Geno won't walk out on you... though you probably still have some major apologizing to do. I need to check on things, I hope that performance was enough

*Bad news is Reaper Flowey might still be watching them*
..Thanks for that.. I'll go say sorry later..right now I just wanna sleep for a bit..

*Cross teleports from behind and impaled Reaper with his sword* What? You thought I would miss this chance to beat the heII out of you?

*Reaper was taken by surprise and ends up being impaled though given he had his back against a wall it would make more sense if Cross came in from the side* What the f-ck..!? W-why are you here!?

*her ear flicks* might be a bad idea, we're not alone. She DID say she was recruiting more help

*Reaper knows that now since Cross came in and stabbed him, taking a nap was a very very horrible decision* F-ck..!!

Son of a- IDEA *she teleports away to break Geno free of his chains since the guy can usually intimidate Cross, who I almost called Trump and have no idea why, into leaving*

*Trump Cross LOL you hear that @CrossingOutNames you got called TRUMP your that bad XD I'd rather be a zombie than trump*

I'm here to kill you, it's not obvious? *Cross then takes his sword and slices Reapers soul in half, taking the soul half he cut off and putting it in his locket* this will help me when we fight, might make you think twice before attacking me while I have your soul you take half the damage I take

*You can't do that, to break or destroy one of the Gods Souls you would need a scythe, the most you can do without a scythe is damage them but you can't break them or destroy them with anything else same applies for dusting them, you have to inflict a massive amount of damage for them to dust the easist way to do that is use a scythe on them or have another God attack them or someone thats as powerful as a God like Nova though dusting them doesnt permanently kíll them as long as their Soul is in one piece they can come back**That still hurt him though and made Reaper wince from pain* ..Nice t-try..but God Souls don't break that easily.. *Reaper then uses his red magic imbued chains to wrap around Cross and slam him down into the ground*

*Gaster was able to break his soul without a scythe* *Cross gets slammed down but you forgot he still had his sword impaled into Deaths chest and the sword gets pulled down with him* All I need is that scythe of yours and you'd be dust like before! It isnt hard either with how many times its stolen

*That's because he's another God, only Gods can inflict that much damage on eachother, for anyone else, they would have to steal a scythe from ReaperTale*
*Ouch that had to hurt, Reaper wasn't really paying attention to that and he ends up falling to the ground on his knees with blœd dripping from his chest* Urgh! G-good luck trying to steal it this time.. I'll kíll you first before you do!

*I think I might need more rest XD*

*Then go take another nap xD you did say you had a fever*

*Your very lucky Geno showed up dude Cross is now running and screaming for his life lmao* I ALMOST KlLLED YOU!!

*Reaper then stumbles to his "feet"* Almost d-doesnt count.. you better hope that blaster beast g-gets to you before I do..