Nova freed me

..I kinda wish you s-stayed tied up.. you shouldn't be getting in the middle o-of this.. I had it under control.. you should be r-resting.. *Though the entire front of his robe was soaked with blœd, I don't think he had it under control like he said*

stop being stubborn for two minutes, your Chara showed up, you need to be willing to work with me to deal with her. Because face it, she's already outplayed you if she got both Nova AND Cross to go after you

I thought you loved that about me *he winks but soon frowned afterwards, he didn't like the idea of having Geno fighting with him but he knew he wasn't really a match for Chara*.. Love.. she's not anything like Nightmare.. it's gonna be really dangerous.. she's the reason why I have Hatred and..
I just.. I don't know about this.. she dusted Life she got to my bro... *Reaper looked away*

She what? *telling Geno a Chara k!lled a Papyrus, what could go wrong* Reaper, I don't care how you feel about this, if she's willing to take out your brother its safer for both of us to stick together through this. Paps didn't deserve this...

*A lot of things lol I don't think he really thought about that*
..*Reaper sighed, normally he would chase after Chara seeking vengeance and to heII with what anyone else says but he knows Genos right, if he does that again and tries facing her alone, he's going to lose just like before*..
..Damn it.. sometimes I hate when your right.. fine.. you can come with me but..just be careful, okay Love?

*Geno hugs Reaper and helps him up* maybe we should look into getting you healed *Nova actually never attacked reaper, she just threatened him Cross is the one who attacked Reaper*

*Reaper winced as he was hugged and nearly falls back down when he's helped up, at least Nova didn't really hurt him, she dived into him and yanked him to the ground but thats about it* D-damn it..! I'm okay Love...I-I can take more than this.. it's fine.. I'm going after Chara either way..
*You know you shouldn't, the last time you darted off in the past to seek revenge against Chara alone, you were corrupted by Hatred and nearly kílled, your brother found you and healed you when that happened so you wouldn't dust..I think you should have someone with you this time*

[[comp crashed]] You aren't going alone *bet Chara would go after Geno if Reaper left him alone, she wants him to suffer after all...*

*That's okay, it happens*
*And she would but Reaper guards him 24/7 and Geno isn't able to dust since limbo*
..But Love.. I.. ..fine ..*Reaper huffed as he closed his eyes* ..and you c-call me stubborn..

*well kidnapping and t0rturing Geno just cause he's married to Reaper would be a huge blow to Reaper's psyche as well* Hey you have to be stubborn to win an argument with Death

*That's true.. but that would break both of their psyches*
*Reaper chuckled at that* T-that reminds me at the Christmas p-party you told me off for m-making a joke about your time being up.. "I díe when I say I díe" if t-thats not stubborn I don't know what is..

You really had to bring that up, I was drunk and had no idea you were joking

You were the l-last person I thought would get drunk, I g-guess you could say you drank yourself to Death *he winks before suddenly falling to the ground, what just happened!?*

Sh!t! *Geno takes Reaper to Life and makes sure to keep an eye out for Chara, not to mention someone also needs to warn the Goddess the former priestess is back*

...*Reaper was unconscious and just lays against Geno as they were off to Lifes house, hopefully Chara hasn't already gone after the Goddess*