I tracked down your Flowey, but she expected it, she was ready, it hurts so much and her voice is everywhere I can't escape it

..I have the same problem kiddo..it's not easy fighting it and it's gonna hurt like heII but your gonna have to if you don't want to end up kílling everyone around you..I try keeping mine under control but..you've seen how that's been going.. *Yeah it makes you act completely insane which Nova doesn't really need help in that department* ..

Do you hear Chara's voice too though?

..You think I don't? *Reaper gives you a glare* I wish I didn't hear that damn brats voice in my skull..I fight it as best as I can all the time.. but as you can see, it doesn't always work..*he holds out Shinos bow in his hand which was covered in dust*

Oh Nova revived all your kids since Chara stole their souls and then gave them to her

...Well..guess that's one good thing to happen today..
*I think it's worth mentioning Reapers slaughtered a whole town on the surface because of his Hatred and hes attacked Geno before because of it though at that point he told Geno he heard Charas voice in his skull when that happened and in the comic Reapers attacked Undyne over it a few times and was a jerk to his brother, it also shows in the comic he heard Chara laughing at him when he was corrupted, the corruption at first wasn't entirely bad since he was able to fight it off in the beginning but as time went on, he found the Hatred was becoming more and more difficult to fight against, now he almost has no control, only when he's weakened he has more control since the Hatred becomes weakened too*

**You're such a useful tool, Reapy~ The others don't understand how special you are though... But I do. I understand you. I understand everything~**

Not again!! GET OUT OF MY SKULL YOU DEMON!! I-I'm not your tool!! *Yeah he definitely doesn't look or sound insane yelling at absolutely nothing that appears to be there*

**Why do you think I spared you hmn?~ I mean... No would argue if I hadn't. You DID murder me after all**

... You better get the f-ck out of my head! *Reaper swings his scythe at a wall, he would look completely insane if someone happened to see him*

**But I'm afraid something has happened, Reapy... my priestess took your kids to her friend Opal's place... Now they'll be free to distract and injure Geno~**

..*Reaper pauses and stops wildly swinging his scythe at a wall, well sh-t* ..How do I find Opal? *He's never been to her house*

**She's on the surface with her friends and family, in a place called the Nowhere Isles.~**

*Opal might need to run**Reapers going to go after her and reap everyone there unless Geno manages to stop him*

**She doesn't even live in the Underverse, leave her alone!** *even telepathic the voice sounds strained and desperate, choking back tears*

*Reaper is under Charas influence right now so he isn't going to listen to Nova* 'Sorry kiddo but she poses a threat to my Geno..I can't have her hurt Geno'