*The Geno Reaper runs into is Swapfell Geno, he killed and törtured his Reaper for the heII of it and wears his robe as a souvenir so have fun dude lmao* What the fųck!? Aren't you supposed to be dead!?

Uh..Love?? *I have a feeling Reaper is gonna have a very bad time* What do you mean I'm supposed to be dead? Why do you have my robe?

Did you somehow survive? Guess that means I can have more fun with you! *He takes out a knife and stabs Reaper right in the chest* Try not to bore me this time

*Reaper was unbelievably shocked and felt betrayed, did Nightmare do something to Geno or was this not his Geno? It doesn't feel like it's his Geno anyway* W-what?

Aw what's the matter? Confused? I'm confused how you managed to survive, I thought I killed you for good but since your here.. *he summons a blaster beast* we can have LOTS of fun! *the blaster beast roars and bites Death with its jaws and starts mauling him*

Your definitely not my Geno! *Reaper holds out his scythe and slashes the blaster beasts jaw so it would let him free or at least he's hoping it let's him free* Nightmare tricked me! I'm gonna make him fear Death after I give you a early grave! *That's a empty threat however..given Reaper spares every Geno on his reaping list, he more than likely won't be able to actually dust this one*

His kill wound is angled the wrong way, this isn’t YOUR Geno!!

Thanks anon but I don't know how to get out of this now! *Reaper is struggling to get away from "Holo" currently but with his already horrible condition from Nightmare impaling him..*

*He won't be able to dust him anyway cause just like normal Geno, he's in limbo and he kílled his Reaper so you can't undo it* *It doesn't faze the blaster beast and it instead charges up a lazer which fires with the God still pinned in its jaws* Having some trouble?

F-ck!! *Reaper braces himself as he gets blasted head on by the blaster beast, there was no way he could of defended himself from that not while he's being used as a chew toy, he then drops his scythe as he started losing consciousness from the attack* G-Geno..

Aw you crying for your Geno? I figured out you arent my Reaper, he never had the balls to threaten me like that *He walks over and picks up the scythe he dropped* Let's see if you'll be more fun than he was~ *he snaps his fingers and the blaster beast carries him off*

*Welp Reaper and Geno are completely screwed now**The Death God had fallen unconscious due to his injuries*

*When Reaper wakes up he finds himself chained to a wall in what looks like, you know what a midevil dungeon looks like with prisoners chained to the wall? He's in a place like that but it has blööd and dust everywhere, I think this Geno might be insane* You finally awake sunshine?

..mngh..*Reaper slightly opens a eye socket after a while, he was barely able to stay concious when he looked up at the other Geno, noticing he was chained up to a wall*..w-what..?

*since there's blood everywhere a certain Ink skele is able to use it to pull Reaper into the Doodle Sphere, he is beyond pissed at Holo*

*Reaper was confused at what just happened and stared up at Ink once he was pulled in the Doodlesphere* I-Ink..? Wait..why are you h-here?

Fixing problems.

Does that m-mean..you'll help me get G-Geno back?

I'm working on that! First yours Scythe, Holo is testing my patience *both of Ink's eyes are red, one of them a target shape*

Thanks Ink.. *Reaper then noticed Inks eyes were red, he has to be p-ssed, Holo might be in trouble*