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Hey it’s me listen I don’t care if we are friends, strangers or no longer talking anymore. If you need me at 2:00am and everyone else is sleeping call me and I’ll pick up I will be there listen to anything you want to say, Even if it’s just you breathing on the other end. I will always be here.

2 thing you must add for your speech :
1_Enter your mobile number.
2_Show your name.
Is a better way if you tag that person you want.
Don't kid yourself.
Listen to me, you won't lose.

لاتنسوا قراءة سورة الكهف فإنها نوراً ما بين الجمعتين .

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إن شاء الله ✨✨

احب وحده ما تحبني، شنو الحل، اتزوجها لو اتركها؟



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