Ask @GumGumSaiyan:

What are your thoughts on the Rebuild of Evangelion series and the direction it's taken so far?

They're supplemental to the tv series and in understanding the work as a whole. i liked 1, loved 2, but Q was downright amazing. Anno really reinvented the series by just the slightest shift in that one.

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Do I really really need to watch the old dragon Ball in order to watch Z? I've heard it's important because it tells the origins of the characters but I don't know

That's a question that isn't asked a lot. To be honest, it is 100% necessary that you know what DragonBall is before watching Super, but that doesn't mean you need to watch every episode.
The story of DB has permeated into so much of anime culture, I'd honestly be surprised if an anime fan didn't have at least a passing knowledge of the franchise. But what if they don't? Play a video game. Any of them. they all cover the story pretty well, Especially the Legacy of Goku/Buu's Furry GBA games.

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