Ask @Gurumin3D:

Will Gurumin 3D be release in the european eShop the same day that in the american one? If not, how much will we need to wait? I want to play this game the sooner the better :p

Thank you for your question, and we apologize for not having responded sooner. Yes, Gurumin 3D will be releasing on the eShop for PAL territories, but it will likely be releasing shortly after the North American NTSC version. The two releases won't be too far apart though. :)

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Will the Steam version be receiving some of the additional features that will be available with the 3DS port? Obviously some are exclusive to the portable console, but it'd be nice if we got an improved camera control and a revamped menu system on PC.

Matt McMahon
Thanks for the question. If there's a Mastiff...I mean massive surge in interest/demand this could be a possibility. However, right now all hands are on deck and we're primarily focusing on making sure that Gurumin 3D on the 3DS is a smashing success, so we can use all of the support on launch day that we can get. Launch date still TBD BTW. ;)

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Will there ever be a sequel to this game? i'm a huge fan after buying it on steam, thanks a lot :)

First, thank you for your question and for supporting Gurumin on Steam. A sequel would definitely be a lot of fun to make, but at this time our focus is on making Gurumin 3D be as wildly successful as possible at launch. We do know that we couldn't have gotten this far without your support and the support of fans just like you.
Who knows what could be next?!

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