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Marijuana actually helps prevent cancer c: true story. Idc what my lungs could look like, it has never killed someone. Ever.. unless its their own stupidity. Now you come and judge this girl for smoking it, I call you a mother fucking asshole. Sit the fuck down.

Tiani Raine Somers✝
It also helps with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, various mental disorders, various illnesses ext. its cured more shit than most pills have ~~~

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it's not Amanda Todd's fault that everyone hated her and she wa depressed. okay? she felt no reason to live therefor ended it. there's nothin. stupid about that.

It was her fault. She made the decisions that brought the hate to her. And im not saying its her fault she was depressed? What I'm saying, you stupid twat, is that she went and posted all her cuts and suicide attempts all over the internet. Yah. Not attention seeking AT ALL

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