How do you think the Lcs landscape will look like in 1 year from now? In terms of Eu and Nalcs, strenghs of the regions, economic aspects of the orgs like Investment or state of Esports as a whole compared to regular sports.

Not sure if it will be at the end of this coming year or the year after but:
Multiple NA orgs will pull out when they realise they are not making a return on their huge investments. The market is not ready for 10 teams to try and generate huge fan bases for example. And when you consider that only a few will be successful, yet all are pumping crazy money into it, something has to give.
Non-endemic sponsors will come in fairly heavily, but it will still not be enough to sustain all these NA business plans which are predicated on overpaying for average players with minimal reach.
Going forward RIOT needs to step up and begin to franchise the league. The risk of relegation means that small teams never last because the sponsors won't take the risk on them dropping out of the league.
League of Legends will be slaughtered by CS:GO sooner rather than later if RIOT doesn't do something soon.

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