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Mene itni larkio ko I love you bola proposal kia mehnat ki lekn kisi ne bachpan se mu nae lgaya. Me dekhta hu faarig larko ko bachi set hojati. Vo badtamizi krte phir bhi. Me to bheeg maangta k baat krlo set hojao lkn no reply. Ek k liye me Roya bhi. Painting draw ki. Bheji insta pe. Koi jwab nae.

Yeh sab kuch nie karna tha na, dekho bhai self respect aik cheez hai. Khud ko respect karo gey tou duniya be respect karay gie. Yaar duniya parhi hai bahir jao paisa kamao ghoomo phiro. Sahi bandi ka intezar karo, lekin khud ko is qabil banao key jab wo sahi insaan miley tou tum majboor na ho.
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Didn't know attachment itni kutti cheez hai.

Aww but it's another life time experience, next time you will be prepared.

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Doing something different when you know everyone is going to judge is quite something adventurous, i guess.

i need emotional supportive bnda

Be your own support, jis din supportive banda ghayab hogya tou phir aur support ki zarurat parh jaye gie.
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Leave a reply to this and I'll pair you up with someone I think you should talk to.

Apni donations aisi foundations ko dein jo itna bhala kaam kar rahi hain.

Guys, my life has been very off since some time and I faced alot of hardships. Should I have faith that everything's gonna be alright one day inshaAllah?

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Just don't take those things into consideration that are bothering you, if they're not in your destiny then what is benefit of crying or being sad for them. This is all about realization and patience.
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