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💚Lulu's fine just stay safe please and if something happens please call me or Saeyoung alright ? *he smiled at Saeran warmly talking Saeyoung's hand * (love

김유성 Yoosung Kim
*He nodded, smiling a bit*
❝Yeah. You two have fun.❞
*He took the car keys and walked out the door, shutting the door behind him. Saeyoung just looked over at Yoosung in complete shock*
..Did he just smile? ..I’m tracking his gps.
*LOL curious brohern*
( Oh )

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💚Saeran! I just told your brother that we would got for a walk ...a-and if you want of course you can join us to have some fun....of course you can say no ,we aren't making you to go heh 💧 (cute

김유성 Yoosung Kim
❝I would, but.. I actually have to leave in a second..❞
*Saeyoung blinked*
Leave? To go where? ..You better not take my baby on a joy ride again, take the blue one instead.
*rEd Is BeTtEr*
( Oh )

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💚You don't have to be meannnn...huff ...Vanderwood a chicken ...*he snuggles more to his arm* he can go for a walk I guess...I believe h-he is still outside ? Do you want him to go as well ? (i love that

김유성 Yoosung Kim
Yeah, we could all have a bonding moment!~ ..He probably won’t want to go though, haha.. ^^;;
*Saeran eventually walks in-*
..Oh, Saeran! We were just talking about you!
❝..You were?❞
( Oh.. )

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*it's kinda fun lol* 💚Hm? that's rude!*he slightly punch his arm before hugging it* I hope he is alright ... (omg u cute

김유성 Yoosung Kim
*He laughed quietly*
I told you I’m scared of him!
*He smiled a bit, kissuing his cheek*
He’ll be fine. He’s a strong, independent woman! ..Don’t ask.
*He giggled*
What do you wanna do Yooyoo? Since I’m taking a break, we could do anything!~ ..Wait where’s Saeran?
* LmaO*
( Oh )

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💚 W-well I talked to him so hopefully everything will be better now... It's still a c a r Saeyoung ... You are doing a great job Saeran *he kissed his forehead before going after his husband * (bro

김유성 Yoosung Kim
*Saeran just stood there, his face all rEd. Frickle frack Yoosung just makes everyone fall in love with him haH- When they got in Vanderwood wasn’t even there lol*
..Huh.. I guess he bailed on us.. thank god.
( What? )

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💚Good!...Saeyoung you will get sick if you kiss a car!*he let go of Saeran* I hope had a good time ...and please don't hurt Vanderwood ....yet (she was fast

김유성 Yoosung Kim
❝If he keeps his mouth shut, I won’t.❞
*He crosses his arms- Saeyoung just gasps, huffing slightly*
How dare you! She is more than just a car! She is my baby! ..Saeran, lock her up for me, k?~
*He gayly skips inside his household- why is he me?*
( Woah.. )

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