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Of course :) Congratulations, my dear. I'm so excited to read. But I should probably ask you a question, too, right? Um. If you rewrite a literary classic in your own way, no limitations, which one would it be?

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A Lord of the Flies parody featuring a bunch of spoiled rotten girls from some prep school (think Paris Hilton types or Kardashians). Hilarity ensues. Absolutely no redemption. It's just purely a diatribe about how useless they are.

Hello, darling :)

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Ah, where did you come from? I just saw that someone named Beth had just replied to a tweet promoting this ask session!
Hello, darling! Come to celebrate?

I know. Just responded *squeeeeeeeeeeeee!* Sorry. Not a question, I know. Just hugely excited :D And THANK YOU for the twitter competition :) Made my day to win that. (also not a question, damnit!) Whatever. Question... Would you rather become a published author or... oh, WAIT! ;)

Lizzi; Considerer
I'm sorry, ma'am--did you have a question!

I'm scared. I've never been on Ask.fm before, but I might start an account. I feel like I should be trolling you with abuse but I like you too much ;) Can you guess who I am?

Hi Beth

What impact are good reviews likely to have on your chances of publishing with an indie house? Are there requirements you need to fulfil, or is it about presenting the most attractive prospect for them?

Lizzi; Considerer
I think that any hype that this book can get, any good press that it can get is the equivalent of a stellar resume for when I'm trying to court an agent or publisher. After all, I'm still writing.

And have you a plan hereon out - to make reviewers of your initial pledgers (where possible) and - proliferate hype and knowledge of the book, ready to take to publishers? Is this a standard Kickstarter technique or something you and Jim have come up with between you?

Lizzi; Considerer
Good question. In a couple of weeks, likely mid to end April, we will be sending a follow-up email to all backers letting them know that the book is up on Amazon, and asking them to place reviews on Amazon and Goodreads etc.

I'm back (I was the luckless anon. for hard/reward ... silly login). The Boy wishes to know how many Greyhounds you went through in the process of writing your book.

Katie Sullivan
Two dozen and one greyhounds (spot the Simpsons reference). (See my vest see my vest made of real gorilla chest)
But seriously, tell The Boy that some days were better than others - or worse than others depending on your point of view.

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