How long were you a Marine and do you have any cool/crazy stories from that time? 🤔

Kate Ng
I enlisted for 4 years active and actually extended for a year to finish off a deployment and get my second overseas star.
As for crazy stories, 😂 I’m not sure of any that aren’t too self-incriminating.
Ooh, wait! I’ve got one... This one guy used to steal people’s food and drinks and so throughout the day I peed in a yellow Gatorade bottle until it was full. Then I left it outside somewhere visible near my other things so it could get nice and cold because I knew the dude would steal it. Around 2am I hear him say “What the f...(Spitting and vomiting) dude, that’s pee!!!”
He never stole people’s things again after that. It’s still something we bust his balls about to this day.

Ohh. That's cool. Lolll. Great prank. But would think the smell would give it away!! Guess he just wasn't paying attention.

Well...the dude wasn’t the brightest light bulb in the box (if you know what I mean).
There are a few examples where we would all go “how the hell...?” Yet he would surprise ya each time...