Ask @Hadeeqa_Hasan:

Is it me or you guys also think there is paradigm shift is happening all around us? We used to think it's western thing that young girls fall for mature older guys, but now it's happening in Pakistan too so what do u girls say abou this? Really wanna know as a survey purpose

Well, whoop-de-doo, the only paradigm shift that is happening is our sweet ol' earth turning into a hell-hole faster than ever before. Mad energy everywhere!

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There's a guy,we've been really good friends for past 3 years but due to some misunderstanding about which i have no clue, he stopped messaging me a year back. It's been a whole year since we haven't talked & i couldn't msg him either. He's friends with my other friends but not me anymore. Whyyy...?

If you REALLY want to know, ask him directly. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? If he ignores you, that's your cue to STOP wondering, move on and NEVER look back.

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