Ask @HadiBenevolent:

What makes you wake up each morning?

The choice of living each day doing what I absolutely love gives life an incredible sense of freedom and truth. I'm grateful to being able to express myself as an individual through music so I always make a point to surround myself by really inspiring things and people. It's awesome!

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Would you rather fight hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

I rather have beer and shisha with them.

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What does it mean to be a guitarist in the ME?

I think it's absolutely amazing being a musician, it's changed my life. Being a guitarist in the Middle East is very cool because there's so much talent and people doing great things, it's awesome being a part of that scene.

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How can you describe yourself as a musician in three words?

Abdulrahman Soufi
Tough one, haha. I'd say Honest, Adventurous, and someone who loves having OCD about music.

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How does it feel like to know that you created and album that's inspiring many people (including me) to be better musicians?

Abdulrahman Soufi
It feels very inspiring, man. Its so humbling to know that people worldwide are listening to our music and enjoying it. Making music that resonates with people is the best feeling on Earth. Glad you dig it, man!

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About Hadi Sarieddine:

Guitarist, Clean vocalist, and producer of Benevolent. Owner at Haven Studio.