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estifania stil talking shit about you

obvi the bitch is dumb asf cause i bitched her ass out like a week ago and she blocked me so i mean she can quit being a pussy and do something about it if she has a problem with me but i mean everyone knows damn well shes gonna get her ass beat one day, regardless if i do it or not.

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Where did you get your piercing done? Nobody would take me, I had to do mine myself 😂

xxHyruleianxx’s Profile PhotoMarisa Motionless
well i was gonna go to ink addiction but since my brother was the one who was gonna take me, they wouldn't let me because you have to have your parents with you and my brother didnt have custody papers of me so they wouldn't let me cause i am under age so what we did was we went to some place lol i dont remember what its called but I'll find out if u want and let you know, but we went to like this place that sells like piercings and stuff in garden city theyre really cheap and they have like a good supply of everything but we bought the needles, the clamps and all that and me and my bro did it for me lol. but they said u had to be over the age of 18 to buy the needles pretty sure you dont have to be 18 to buy the jelewry tho but i dont go on here much, so if u ask a question and i dont ask my kik is @ black.veil.haeley if u need to like ask

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