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Roughly how many questions a day do you receive on here? 👍

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ †êñå¢ï𵧠†ðmm奙 ▩ ♚ ☻
I get many Questions per Day. The following Questions I may not Answer are :
🌸 Inappropriate Questions
🌸 Rude Questions
🌸 Questions in different Languages that I don't Understand
🌸Questions I already Answered
🌸 Questions I may not have the Answer for
🌸 Likers get, @ for tbh etc
👉Snapchat - I don't add Random people. Note: I don't do Streaks
👉Instagram - My Account is Private and I don't Add Everyone
👉Facebook & Tiktok, I don't have so don't Waste your time Sending me Links.
I have more than 300 Questions Pending. I don't Answer many Questions but I'll try to Answer as Many as I can. Peace ✌

Is it okay to let go of the person who wants to leave, or should we fight for them to stay?

Well it depends on the Situation and how Important they are to you. If someone wants to go it's probably because they don't Care or they have no Interest in you anymore. Maybe try Stopping them once but if they still don't want to Stay then let them go. Forcing someone to Stay isn't a Good idea I Guess..!

Tek ho gaya, karlo ignore 🙄

Faad_umer’s Profile PhotoNobody
Those who Ignore people for small reasons are Weird. They don't really Ignore them but they just be Angry at them so they Avoid them. I Ignore someone Only if they do something that they don't Deserve me anymore. Be careful to who you Ignore because Ignoring certain People can Hurt their Feelings..! Ignoring Kills..🔥

How bad of a liar are you ?

aimkhan7402’s Profile PhotoDeez Nuts
Can you name me one Person who doesn't Lie? We are all Humans. We all Lie in Small little things in Life. However, Lying on Big things can be Dangerous because it can Hurt people's Feelings. Sometimes in such Situations we gotta Lie for the good but then in the Right time we should reveal the Truth. Lying Kills..🔥

Post anything...?

fasihzahid’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Fasih Zahid
Before you became a Friend of mine,
Knew each Other for quite some Time 😊
Since the day I First saw you,
Your Image popped in my Mind 😍
Day by day my Feelings grew,
I started Liking you 💗
Your absence is what I'm scared of Now,
I fear of losing you 🙏
I wish you knew who you Are,
Your like a shinning Star 💖
Yeah you are the Sweetest,
Stay the way you are 💓
I'm Blessed to have a Friend like you,
My eyes are Always on you👀
Out of a Million boys,
I have a Crush on you 🙊


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