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What is death to you? Have you even thought you too will die one day? (think again)

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSayed Sibtain Ali Rizvi
I think of it every single day, the last thing to think of before sleeping and first thing in the morning... I was never afraid of death, I was always ready to embrace it but 2023 was merciless, it made me face the other side of the story.. It made me see how death tears apart families, how it sucks the life out of living beings, how it doesn't take just one life at a time... How our sense of loss just grows with time... How we cry for that one being every day but attribute it to different things.. How so many things and places just become no go.. How loneliest and spooky graveyards feel like home because our pieces of hearts are buried there... The list goes on..

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Post a poetry?

Umairhere__’s Profile PhotoU M A I R R R
کنج حیرت سے چلے دشتِ زیاں تک لائے
کون لا سکتا ہے ہم دل کو جہاں تک لائے
ایک ہنگامہ بپا ہے پس دیوار بدن
ہے کسے تابِ سخن، کون زباں تک لائے
ٹھیک ہے چشم تغافل یہ تری دین سہی
تاب زخموں کی مگر کوئی کہاں تک لائے
آنکھ ویراں تھی کسی دشتِ تپاں کی صورت
ہم اسے سلسلہ آبِ رواں تک لائے
چل نکلتی ہے تو پھر اب یہ بھی آ جاتی ہے
لانے والے کی یہ مرضی ہے جہاں تک لائے
تجھ کو جو چاہیے بے خوف و خطر لیتا جا
کون کافر ہے کہ جو دل میں گماں تک لائے

Kia soch rhy ho abhi wohi likh do

Mustafa_Rajput’s Profile PhotoM U S T A F A
I should not look for other people's approval of my success to start celebrating, I should not wait to hear what BS they said after congratulating me, I should not notice how blank their faces turned when hearing about my achievement, I should not think about how they overlooked me so they don't have to congratulate me... But here I am sitting and thinking about it and hurting myself...


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