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I sometimes think I am overreacting. He's not frequent in the day but later on he is there. His life is full of dreams and passion. He gives me his time accordingly but I love to listen to his stories at the end of the day. Weird thing is we talk on dm. Cant talk on whatsapp because of my family.

I think you should take some time and get to know him well cause if you don't know him much and you confess that you like him, it's gonna freak him out.

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I want to ask you something. I like this boy. I haven't even met him in person. We have so many things in common and and same zodiac!!He's chill, super funny, smart and sensible. Never flirts and has like soo many interesting stories I never get tired off,Should I tell him the truth that I like him?

But does he give you his time or just when he's free which is not that often?

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