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شوية حكي 🌸🍃

Nermen khatatbh
"Someone just told me 'My heart was never broken.' and for a while I thought about slapping him on his face.
What does that even mean? Your heart breaks with every beat. It doesn't only break when a girl/boy breaks it.
It breaks when you wake up from a dream.
It breaks when you skip breakfast because you're late.
It breaks when you pass by a friend and you can no longer say hi.
It breaks when people make fun of your goals.
It breaks when your goals make fun of you.
It breaks when your friend is crying.
It breaks when you know your grandpa is dying.
It breaks when a song plays in the background when everyone is laughing and you get engulfed in its lyrics.
It breaks in airports and hospitals.
It breaks when you fail.
It breaks when you stare at your parents' white hair.
It breaks when you reach the end of a book or a movie.
It breaks when you walk in the streets alone where you used to run with your childhood friends.
It breaks when you remember your favorite sport's events.
It breaks when your room suddenly smells like a memory.
It breaks with every beat. It's part of its growing ..

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ربنا يجبر بخاطرك ويعوضك خير ويرزقك بما تتمنى وفيه الخير ليكى ومايعلقش قلبك بما لم يكتب لكى ويرزقك الزوج الصالح عاجلا غير اجلا والذريه الصالحه ويفك همك ويرزقك بفرحه ورزق من حيث لا تعلمى❤ (دعوة صائمة كتبها الله لكى ولي)

ولكي المثل يارب .. فرحتيني بجد تسلميلي💙

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