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What do you think is needlessly expensive? 😒💲 (Try and come up with things that aren't expensive cause of world events, such as gas)

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food & feminine care products
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What thoughts keep you awake at night?

stuff thats been stressing me out & i cant figure out what to do about it

Who do you trust for the news?

i dont trust any of them they’re all biased. Unless we’re directly involved i don’t believe it’s possible to fully understand whats going on but I try to read them all and get my own opinion

Do you go out of your way to help someone who is not asking for help or mind your business?

depends most of the time i go out of my way especially if they’re open about their business but if they keep to themselves i mind my business

Have you ever made pizza at home? What kind of toppings do you like to have when you make them yourself? 🍕

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i have, we made our own dough too. im pretty plain though and usually only eat pepperoni bacon or ham
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How do you feel about being in and around water? Perhaps you have any favorite water based activities? 🏊‍♂️🏄‍♂️🚣‍♂️

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i love water, i love any water activities besides boats & being over deep water
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If you could go back in time and talk to yourself when you were 10, what are the 3 most important things you would tell yourself to change how your life turned out?

i would tell myself to stick up for what i believed in more
stand up for myself
believe in myself
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What was the reason for your last breakup? Be honest

my ex took me to get ice cream & told me he wanted a break, a couple days before we talked about how neither of us believed in breaks so i said no you don’t you just don’t want to hurt my feelings, he said you right and we broke up

Which past decade in the last 100 years or so do you like the most? When it comes to things such as music, fashion and general pop culture 🕺🎸📺🎩

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probably either 1970s or 2000s-2010s
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Do you like musicals or theatre in general? Do you have any favorites? 🎭🎶

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i like musicals, my favorites are probably newsies, the phantom of the opera, or the sound of music
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