Ask @Halpiamtrapped:

Would you rather quit your idea or stick to it, if everybody is against it?

Aniha sat up, swallowing her breath. "I-I.. Can't handle everyone a-against me.. All of it s-s-scares me..” She clung to the skirt of her dress. “I can't go t-through it again.. I'm too s-scared to..!”

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Are you a vegan, a vegetarian or a meat-eater?

I usually don't post these, but this is usually the first step to drawing a character I'm unfamiliar with to get a little feel.
I thought it looked kind of cute and wanted to see if you'd be happy with him having this style of hair or not. To me it looks kind of weird so far, but I'll fix it along the way. @Subjectuntome

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Are you allergic to something?

A lot, I have bad memory.
Here's the full thing of the Aether founders.
A large foundation run by specimens to help others just like them, to fit into society.
Blue masked lady (Afi, co-founder of Aether)
Demon boyo (Dafran, Head caregiver of specimens)
Purple coat bean (Saane, Emotional support for specimens
White haired lady (Dei, Dafran's helper in caregiving)
Masked boi (Kaane, Founder of the Aether)
Tiny bean (Aniha, Daughter of the founders)

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