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What's the quickest way to make a girl cry?

Um, i have never intended to make a girl cry in any way. So i can tell you how not to make a girl cry?
1. Do not comment on her body (if she's skinny, fat or has small stuff or too big stuff) that is none of your concern.
2. Always try to compliment her. Complimenting someone is different to flirting so knowing the difference is important.
3. Do not insult any of her family members no matter how pissed you are at her. Also, do not blackmail her or violate her trust. It really gets them worried and mentally unstable.
4. Do not comment on her physical appearance unless you have something good to say. Girls are highly sensitive about themselves and many are too insecure about their looks and even their bodies. So avoid doing that and appereciate them for whoever they are.
5. Do not tell her that she eats too much because even though you might think they eat too much but it is nothing compared to the diet of a man. So let them eat whatever they want to eat and no matter how much they want to eat in peace. Or else they will leave eating by getting insecure keh "Mai kaheen moti tou nahi ho rahi?"
6. Appereciate their clothing choices and especially make up if you feel like or just don't if you don't. But don't say anything that might hurt her in an offensive way.

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Why do people give up so easily on relationships nowadays? Are we becoming more and more selfish?

Relationship is just a label which is something like a myth. Relationship to me is something full of restrictions, fake promises, too much hurt, too many expectations, waste of energy, waste of time. It really does take away your ability to love when it fails and most of them do fail. So i won't say we are becoming selfish, I'd say we are becoming more aware of these facts.

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Walaa Khaled.
Allah ta'la once asked Musa (AS) to bring something that he deemed inferior to himself. So, Musa (AS) went to search for something as commanded by his Lord.
The next day, when Allah asked him to show what he had brought, Musa (AS) said that he couldn't find a thing nor a person who he thought was lesser than himself. To which Allah said, "Oh Musa! if you had brought even a goat to me today, I would have taken away your prophethood."
I read this Hadith today (reference: Sahih Bukhari)
This is the Prophet of Allah (SWT) that we're talking about and he (AS) didn't despise any depraved person, any animal, or even insignificant lifeless things.
Sadly, I see people every day who are blinded by their wealth, health, beauty, self-proclaimed social standards, and whatnot. What are we even arrogant about? This all has been given to us by Allah and He can take it all away anytime He wants.
And, there is another hadith by Prophet Muhammad (SAW): "Anyone who possesses a speck of pride (kibr) in his heart will not enter Paradise."
May Allah guide us all and forgive us all.

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