Ask @HammadQureshi:

What’s wrong with the world?

Syeda izza batool ✅
Idk about the world but this society loves lies. You people hate honesty and you people pretend so much and fake everything that you people don't even remember your real self. You people love to bully the one weaker than yourself but you people do nothing to stand up against the bully who has more power than you. This particular trait means that majority of you are cowardly-two faced weaklings. You people like to take dishonest shortcuts and abuse your power in every little thing and deprive the true and honest people of what they could've achieved with their hardwork and honesty. In a society like this, justice can never prevail. Look at yourselves in the mirror today. YOU are all the wrong in this world and you will all regret it one day.

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Take it as a compliment. Apka haal bhi Selena Gomez wala hai 😂 jitna sexy bane ki kohshish mare, utni hi cute lagti hai

Okay. If you're the same person who's been messaging me for days, then untick. Or message me on instagram, because it's useless talking like this :p
I will block you after this 💋

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+2 answers in: “Good boy ❤ eat healthy. The healthy you're going to be, the more youd be able to fuck better 🔥”