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How many time you survived from death?

3 I guess
God!! My life is soo flimy (except for the love part because my love life is Zero)
1) When I was 4 y/o (but I remember it exactly) I and my mum were going home from nano-ghar with my mamu on a bike. It was late. In the middle of the way, our bike ran out of fuel. So mamu said to my mum to wait here and he’ll get the petrol. But instead of waiting we started walking towards the petrol station in the hope that we’ll catch mamu in the way but mamu took another way, so we were walking and walking and then 4 bikers came and surrounded my mum and me. And then a truck crossed us and I got hit by it (slightly) but my arm started bleeding. It was so chaotic and everything was happening so fast. I started crying as I was just 4 y/o and my mum grabbed me tightly and we were soo scared and the bikers were still surrounding us but thennnnnn!!! *drum rolls* out of the blue Moterway police came and the bikers speedily went away and then we went to them and called my mamu (my mum didn’t have phone at that time) then mamu found us and then we went home. (Alhumdulillah)
2) When I had operation (it wasn’t major but still)
3) I and my cousins nearly got kidnapped. (It’s a long story) (but police was involved and I stood up for us)

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What's your definition to peace ??? ✨

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
Idk but the other day I was coming home with my family and it was raining not like heavily but that moderate one and some qawali was playing but I could still hear the rain and it was I guess around 9pm and I took my glasses off and everything became blur, the city lights, the traffic lights, the moon, and there was no boundary between things, everything was unfocused but it was so peaceful. And that moment was .. wow and I was just so glad to exist in the moment. And I wanted nothing more except to be there and feel that moment✨

Do late replies irritate you?

aribasultan1998’s Profile PhotoAriba
I love late replies. I myself am a late replier idk I just kinda don’t like to talk/chat on phone, talk to me face to face.
I don’t really like fast replies sometimes when I have to reply someone I turn off my wifi, reply them and then close that app and then turn my wifi on so when they’ll receive my messages they will see me “offline” so I wouldn’t have to reply back :))
But I do reply fast when it’s important.


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