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ادعولي بالشفاء 💔

عينين لعڨاب
Sometimes I feel happy, but mostly I feel sad. When people ask me why I'm sad, I do not have a definite answer for them. I can only make one up to satisfy their question. I feel alone, empty, in pain and emotional all at the same time. I don't understand myself or why I feel this way. Most of the time I wear a mask. If you could see inside me, you would know I feel like I'm dying. I keep it all inside and it only comes out when I'm all alone. There are only a handful of people in my life that know, I keep it a secret because I don't want people to think I'm crazy.

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Maybe if people's heads weren't buried in the sand of ignorance and they took the time to understand, instead of judging and thinking it won't happen to them because they have the perfect family, life would be a little bit easier for people that do experience this! This hits close to home for me, for family and friends who live under this shadow.
The days of 'it' not being talked about or being taboo should be over. In the most difficult moments of life you realize who your true friends are, and the people who really appreciate you. Unfortunately, most social media 'friends' aren't true friends. They will send you a "like" here and there, but in reality they do not take time to read your status if they see it's lengthy. More than half will stop reading right here, or have already scrolled on to the next post.
I decided to post this message in support of all those who continue to battle with their mental illness. Now, let's see who will have taken the time to read this lengthy post right through to the end. If you have read everything so far, please "like" it so that I can put a thank you.
More mental health awareness is urgently needed. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean people aren't suffering. Please, try to spare a little of your time with someone who may just want to talk (about anything). Talking can help us all to cope a little more, keeping things bottled up just makes it worse. Most people will say, "if you need anything, don't hesitate to call/ask me, I'll be there to help you" but will they?

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