Ask @HannahAIsNotAVictim:

Seriously, I wonder if a 2nd Freedom of Information Act request for a completely uncensored BP checkpoint video would have to be released when she turns 18. It is so obvious the one that was finally released after how many months blurred only her image --because why, she was a minor???

I actually think it would be okay to find out. Since that law is in place. They should release it now.

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So what do you think was her true motive? I've heard all kinds of theories involving money, a relationship with DiMaggio, to get back at her mother and that that DiMaggio was her real dad. And why did he die on the anniversary of his father's death? Sounds too coincidental.

Sounds planned by Law Enforcement to make it seem like Jim was guilty by killing him on the day of his fathers.
I think the motive was her mom. They didn't get along.

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Can you please report this bloated-faced nimwit to the humane society? One day she's posting "tough times" and giving her dog(s) away on twitter, now she's posting pics and videos of her new kitten??? Um the cat she threw on Vine? WTF this isn't funny, it's getting SICKER.

It definitely is sick! Ugh don't even remind me of her throwing that cat. I felt so bad for it.

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If she were traumatized, handcuffed to the car seat, drugged to unconsciousness and kidnapped, the Sheriff would not have said she was awake and kind of reclining in the passenger seat at the BP checkpoint on surveillance video. Unfortunately the law protects these 2 Liars.

Right? I don't understand why the law would protect her. They won't once she's not a minor anymore.

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Does she pit her friends against each other? Seems she has a problems keeping a friends "Sociopaths do not want people to like or get along with each other and will try to “divide and conquer.” Do you honestly believe she is a sociopath? Because they do a lot of damage - stay away!

I do believe she's a sociopath. Look at this graduation photo. Instead of embracing the kiss with Dyldo, she has her eyes on the camera to flaunt and show off.

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Right up there with 100 other suspicions about her ordeal was her aunt alerting her friends to not talk to media without Brett's approval first-HA was "missing" so why the caution about what they'd say--sounds like they ALL knew HA wasn't kidnapped and were instructed to play the Sheriff's game.

Yep! They all knew and wanted to keep the information underground. Hannah wasn't kidnapped. They knew it.

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