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I'm surprised at your comment. I wasn't being rude, just asking your opinion since she's your best friend. I'm sorry if you thought I was coming off as rude but I was not. I beg you to just relax.

I'm relaxed lol. just what Whitney does, isn't my business. the reason I'm friends with her has nothing to do with the fact that she is or isn't into black dudes.

What do you think of Whitneys obsession with black guys? Healthy or Unhealthy? It seems like instead of just liking them she takes it to the extreme and feels the need to flaunt it in front of everyone.

I'm not Whitney's mom. what she does ISN'T my business. you should mind your business, but if you have a problem.. talk to her, not me. thanks.

haha, u just admitted it

uhm, yeah me saying mind your business is deff admitting it, I forgot. but don't worry about me & what I like. ✌
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u shouldnt have to deal with that. u should be with a fine black man

lol ooor not. I'm happy with my boyfriend & my relationship. ☺

is ur white bf fine with that?

idk if he's fine with it, but he's not gonna not be with me because of it

at wat age do u wanna lose ur v-card?

I'm not gonna put a time frame on it, whatever happens happens

top 5 celebrity crushes?

Johnny depp, chad Michael Murray, Robert downing jr, Zach Efron, & both the guys from this means war


I have no regrets, my life wouldn't be how it is if stuff didnt happen. & he means the world to me


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