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1)@aima_khurram and @unaizah_khan
@dokhtarafghan123 and @jawariaiqbal3 and @Imankhan274 and
@alishbawaheed65 @umairnadeem7106
(3-4-5)@nobody 🤷‍♂️😂
6) @unaizah_khan
7) @princess567l @nimraraza
8) nobody 🤷‍♂️
9) can't give a judgement
10) last but not the least @OsamaShakoor

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Do you think people should share their problems with others or keep em to themselves ?

刘雄狮 Awwsama
Its a part of being emotionally becoming strong ... An emotionally strong person is successful ... Bro i have the courage to listen to people to what they face what emotions do they go through .... Sharing is caring blah blah blah whatever but you know something ... Sometimes this sharing eases your heart to a level that can make you even sleep happily and soundly 💕✌️🇵🇰

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