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what is the target for #FreeRice? and there's a minimun amount for the donation?

The target for FreeRice is to donate at least 5 Millions grains of rice. ^^ And also it will be nice if we can get at least within the Top 5 Groups who donates the most. :)

About donation, no minimum amount. Just give what you can give. It's your heart and kindness that counts. :)

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i have fill in once for today but i dont hv twitter !!@Happy29thSiwon #HungerIQ [1] - malaysia

Hello~ It's okay! We noted this. Thank you so much. ^____^

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I answer it " #HungerIQ " with the same name and the same email.. Is this good ?!

We think it is okay. But, if you have another email to use, it will be better. ^^

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in #HungerIQ I answer the questions consecutive times~~Is calculated my subscription every time I answer?! Or calculated only one time !!

Hmm.. If you want to report, please just report us the total number of the survey you take each day. For example:
1. Sunday: you answer all 5 questions twice, it means you have taken the survey 2 times. Then, report to us: @Happy29thSiwon #HungerIQ [2] - Your Country
2. Monday: you answer all 5 questions 20 times. Then, report to us: @Happy29thSiwon #HungerIQ [20] - Your Country

Just report to us once a day. ^^

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i have a Q ?! After the answer to this Do I have to tell you?! To calculate my score too ?!!

Hello~ Yes, please tell us how many times you have taken the survey by mentioning us: "@Happy29thSiwon #HungerIQ [number of surveys you took] - Your country" If you take a survey 3 times (it means you answered all 5 questions 3 times), it means you have to report to us in this format: "@Happy29thSiwon #HungerIQ [3] - Netherland" Please report to us; otherwise, we wouldn't know how many children that Siwonests have been given a warm meal to. ^^

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Admin saya ingin tanya tentang #HungerIQ jika saya menjawab 5 pertanyaan. Jadi saya harus melapor #HungerIQ [5] atau #HungerIQ [1]

Dalam survey/kuis itu ada 5 pertanyaan kan? Kalau kamu jawab 5 pertanyaan itu dan kamu submit data kamu, artinya kamu harus lapor 1 kali HungerIQ. Bukan 5. Kecuali kamu jawab 5 pertanyaan itu 5 kali. ^^

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Hi! We are a Club of Latin America Fans of Siwon called TPG that is a club for HATO latin america fanclub , we are for different places but we want to participate in the proyect , I only hace a question can we put the name of the club instead of our names?

Hi! It doesn't matter for us. ^^

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admin-sshi, apa perbedaan 'Personal Gift' & 'Money Owed? ><

Halo~ Sebenarnya sama saja. Dua-duanya untuk transaksi pribadi, bukan antara pembeli dan penjual. Tapi disarankan kamu ke Personal aja yah. ^^ Terus nanti lihat berapa delivery fee yang harus dibayar.

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Hi, I sent "@Happy29thSiwon #HungerIQ [50] - Bolivia." -December 29th, @_Siwonestar-, but I don't have RT, is taken in account in the same way? Grettings from Bolivia. Thanks for organizing this great project :^).

Hello~ To prevent the timeline being so full of HungerIQ mentions, we sometimes delay the retweet. But don't worry, we have counted yours into the whole recapitulation. ^^ Because we always put the data based on date you mention us.

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Happy new year!! Wish you a happy 2014!! <3 <3 :^)

SuJu Lovers

Happy New Year for you too~ :)

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Hi dear @siwonarab did join to the Birthday Project and they did join with the Egypt Siwonest in this project

Hi, you can contact @SiwonLover to discuss about this. Thank you~ n_n

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Tiap kali aku klik take the quiz button cuma ke-reload aja, pertanyaannya gak muncul, kenapa ?

Untuk Hunger IQ maksudnya? Kamu ke link ini: terus nanti ada kotak pertanyaan Question 1. Jawabnya klik salah satu di radio button (lingkaran kecil), lalu klik Next untuk ke pertanyaan selanjutnya.

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were is the IQ game for the hunger donation? i can't find it :(

Hello~ Sorry for taking so long to answer. Here is the link:

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Hi ^^ for Hunger IQ Quiz, can I write "Siwonfan" as first name or should "SiwonFan"? Thanks

Hello~ Both are okay. But we suggest you to write as "SiwonFan" so WFP won't think that it is only a name. It is just to help WFP easily determine that we are Siwon's Fans.

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Ada minimal jumlah donasinya kah utk project ini??

Halo. :) Gak ada.

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Hi! dear, can u speak ina? kkk bolehkah saya mempromotekan project anda di page saya?


Halo. :) Sangat boleh. Kami justru terima kasih. ^^ Tapi jangan lupa dilink ke kami juga supaya kalau ada pertanyaan, tidak simpang siur.

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Hi...for Hunger IQ Quiz, is it ok if I take the survey more than 1 in a day?

Hello~ ^^ Yes, it should be okay. :)

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Oh I have not checked my e-mail yet. Ok thanks for your help ^^

You're welcome~ ^^

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Hey,I have register for the donation project but I failed to log in.i'm not sure whether it's because of the username or password. perhaps u know why?

Hi~ ^^ Hmm.. We assume your question is about Free Rice? Have you checked on your email address? After registering, Free Rice will send you an email giving you password. Use that password to login first, and then after login you can change the password with your own password. ^^

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Is there a bank account for Indonesian to transfer the donate?

Of course. ^^ Please check here: and go to the Bank Transfer sections. You will find the bank accounts details. We provide BCA and Mandiri so far. :)

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what kind of project do you make?

There are 3 kinds of project here, we call them as 'Episodes'. Today, we have announced Episode #1 which is a charity project. Episode #1 and #2 will be announced when the time comes. :) You can read more about Episode #1 here:

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is it involving ELF around the world?

Hi, yes. It is involving ELF around the world. Come and join us, too! ^^

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