Ask @Happy_Guy_2015:

That situation laughter turns into tears ?

You mean a situation that a first seems funny, but then people realize how serious the matter is and all of a sudden it concerns them?
I’ll give you a situation like this.
A group of friends. And many friendships these days are based on jokes. So, in this group of friend there is one person who is a lot different from the others. They’re are still all friends, but this one kid get joked on much more. He’s an easy target, and he doesn’t mind getting made fun off. He knows its just a joke. Until those jokes slowly transition into mean comments and soon it becomes a case of bulling. His friends don’t realize what they’re doing. And since the kid never speaks up for himself, they don’t realize what they’re doing to him.
One day the kid has a serious conversation with the others. They don’t believe him at first. It takes a while to realize what they’ve been doing this whole time. And there is no way of going back.

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