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Do you believe an action used to slay evil is a righteous action, or do you believe it will be seen as a greater evil? Hypothetical example: A group of people have been bullying you, and the teachers refuse to do anything about it. You stand up for yourself, but you're expelled for mass assault.

Well, I’d like to start off with an example. That example actually summarizes my experience in elementary school, except I never stood up for myself.
I do not believe that violence is an answer. Ever. However I have a few exceptions. If your life, or the life of one thats dear to you is in danger, you may use violence.
Now to answer the question I will put myself in the shoes of the victim in the example. I am now in high school, so I am guessing the bulling that I’m going through is pretty intense, especially since its a group of kids I’m dealing with. Now in the example I stand up for myself, and frankly I’d do the same in real life. You see, despite me believing that violence is not an answer, my instinct would be to defend myself. I trust my instincts. I also trust what I learn at my Karate school. I will use violence to end the conflict, but, self-control is the key. You have to know when to stop. Being able to defend yourself is nice, but if you can’t control yourself you might harm someone more than you think. So just keep that in mind. If you did cross the line, and you, lets say, inflicted permanent damage to someone, then its your fault. Still, there is nothing wrong with putting bullies in their place.
So in the end, despite my believes, I have to say that standing up to evil cannot be seen as greater evil.

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Like every platform, many people from ASKfm have left and moved on with their lives. Do you find ASKfm boring nowadays? If so, do you believe it's because of the lack of original questions, lack of people, or lack of rational in answers?

I believe all platforms have their flaws. Some platforms get too old, and just don't attract as many people as they used too. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, because the community becomes smaller, everyone knows each other on the platform, and even though community is now small, it has fewer of "bad" people on the platform.

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What is your next step in life?

Acing the finals. Beating my time on the 5K. Eating healthier. Spend less time on the computer. Read more. Visit gym more often. Try responding to my messages on my phone in time. Going to sleep earlier and getting more sleep(ideally reading before sleep rather than talking with friends via computer). Turn in 3 missing assignments that I have.

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