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Agar ap ne kisi se pyaar kia hota to pata chalta. Or agar kia bhi hai tou kis intensity ka hai khud se qs karein. Just because you're happy go lucky nature wanna be or someone who's not feeling emotional these days it doesn't mean you deny the value of emotions and love. Bohot asaan hai chorna?

neither am i a happy go whatever the fck kinda person nor am i an emotionless loser, anyone with a brain would know that investing in smth w zero legit zero outcome is lets just say not worth losing your dignity & self respect over but if you still wanna board that train then youre more than welcome sir <3

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you seem happy bubbly type

that's because maybe i am happy as fck like i am frecking HIGH on happiness like there aint no mtherfckr alive to mek me feel any other thing. or. just hear me out. OR. maybe, maybe. i am just a spectre, a speck from another dimension, a giant orb of dark depressing thoughts, negative energy, a black hole ready to eat all your happy thoughts & leave you empty of every single drop of happy juice. guess we'll never know.


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